Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Inspired fandom jewellery, as with all the orders from Inspire Fandom, postage will only ever cost £2.95*- no matter how much you order. *UK only, 48 hours tracked.

If you'd prefer, you can email to order.

**Catch fire (not literally, please!) and rule the Districts with these beautiful pieces of jewellery - more to come!**

 Mockingjay Pins New In!!

Mockingjay Pin (Gold Tone) £4.00

Mockingjay Pin (Bronze Tone) £4.00

[Picture Coming Soon] Handmade bronze mockingjey earrings £4.00
Email to order
Handmade Mockingjay Bronze effect Necklace - £5.00

Hunger Games Glass Dome Bronze Effect Necklace - £5.00

Bird Catch Fire Gold Tone Pendant Necklace- £6.00

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Bird Catch Fire Bronze Tone Pendant Necklace- £6.00

Add Postage- £2.95 per delivery.


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